Lancaster Lodge No. 9413

Lancaster Lodge was the second of the Lodges in the Group of Lodges in Portugal to be consecrated. The fourteen Founders were of six different nationalities, all of whom had practised their Masonry under the English Constitution, bar one, who had been initiated in the USA whilst at University there. They had been members of Lodges in Africa, Malaysia and America as well as England so the Lodge started with a strong feeling of International Brotherhood, which continues to this day.

Currently, with a membership of 33, the Lodge was consecrated in 1991 by R.W. Bro. Menase James Massias, District Grand Master of Gibraltar and is now meeting at the Hotel Clube do Lago in Estoril.

Serving not only the needs of Masons in the local area, the last few years have been particularly fruitful in raising funds for various deserving causes. Indeed, Lancaster Lodge is proud to be a Grand Patron of the Grand Charity, Grand Patron of the Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys, and Grand Patron of the Masonic Samaritan Fund. Quite a feat for such a small lodge, that goes to show it has a large heart.

A Royal Arch Chapter is attached to the lodge.


Ladies Night see: The General Articles section – Social Events.

Lodge Meetings 2019

Held at Hotel Clube do Lago, Av. do Lago, 4, Estoril, 6 pm on the following dates:
Third Monday in January, March, May, September, October and November.

The next meeting: Monday 18th November 2019.

The Ceremony:

Commences at 6pm.

Our January Installation meeting due to be held on Monday 20th January 2020 will start earlier at 17:30 hrs. This is the 200th meeting of the Lodge so there will be an additional lecture on the history of our Lodge as well as the usual proceedings.

Lodge of Instruction Meetings

Held at Hotel Clube do Lago, Av. do Lago, 4, Estoril, at 4.00pm prior to the monthly meetings in January (Installation), March, May, September, October, November.


W. Bro. Melvyn Biddle

Mob: (+351) ) 916 958 652
Tel: (+351) 262 189 885

Special event:

Will you be attending the Lancaster Lodge Christmas dinner on the 18th December 2019 at the hotel Palacio Estoril?

The 2019 Lancaster lodge Christmas dinner, to be held at Hotel Palacio, Estoril. We have managed to negotiate a reduced price of €45 per person for a three course dinner including wine, which will be held in a private dining room inside the five star hotel. A discounted rate for rooms (if required) has also been negotiated, single rooms €125 and doubles €145 both of which include breakfast. Please send your responses to the Secretary as a matter of urgency (before Saturday 16th November) so that arrangements can be made to secure this booking.

Grand Inspector

V.W.Bro R. S. Levitt

Tel: 214 671 396


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