Lancaster Chapter No. 9413

Lancaster Chapter No. 9413 was Consecrated on 25th October 2002 by M E Comp the Rev. Peter Hemingway, Third Grand Principal, assisted by E Comp R D Beardsley, Grand Inspector, Portugal; E Comp the Rev. J R D Scarborough, Grand Superintendent Lincs; E Comp R A H Morrow, Grand Scribe E; E Comp G A D Elworthy, Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies; E. Comp J A Mathews, Grand Janitor; E Comp S A Ward, Grand Superintendent , Gibraltar and E Comp J A C Avery.

Meetings of the Chapter are held at the Hotel Clube do Lago, Av. do Lago, 4, Estoril, usually at 7pm, on the Tuesday following the third Monday in January, May, and September (Installation).

The Chapter uses the Domatic ritual.

Chapter Meetings

Held at Hotel Clube do Lago, Av. do Lago, 4, Estoril, on the day after the Lodge meetings in September (Installation) January and May.

The Next Convocation will be on Tuesday 21st January 2020 AT 18.60hrs

Scribe E

E.Comp. Melvyn Biddle

Mob:(+351) 916 958 652
Tel: (+351) 262 189 885

Grand Inspector

V.W.Bro R. S. Levitt

Tel: 214 671 396


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