Grand Inspector’s Newsletter July 2012


At the suggestion of W. Bro Peter Orme I wrote to Her Majesty on behalf of the Group congratulating her on her Diamond Jubilee. All the celebrations were a bit late, the Jubilee was actually on my birthday! Clearly so many people had written that the reply was an all embracing one which I show here

The Queen’s Reply

The day after Celebrating the Queen’s Birthday Party at the Ambassador’s Residence I took the train to Albufeira for our trip to Gibraltar for the Annual Investiture of District Grand Lodge. It had been postponed from April as Alfred Ryan, the Dist GM was to have had an operation at that time. Unfortunately the operation was postponed and actually took place in London on the Monday after the meeting. The Investiture could not be postponed again so was conducted by the retiring Deputy District Grand Master, Walter Warwick. As usual we were made very welcome and we had our photograph taken in front of the tiled panel presented to the District at the time of the formation of the Group.

The “Ginslingers”
The panel with its designer

Thanks to some hard work by W. Bro. Mike Fallows we now have our revamped website up and running and the secretaries of the lodges and chapters as well as myself and the webmaster have dedicated addresses for Masonic use, if they have not yet been set up by the individuals concerned they soon will be!

I wish you all a very happy summer break and look forward to our meetings in the autumn.


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