Lodge of Discoveries

No. 9409

CURRENT MASTER – W. Bro. S. Johnston LGR

The Lodge Crest

The Lodge Crest was finalised after a number of designs had been considered. A departure from Masonic symbolism was agreed in the interests of introducing an international symbolism.

The centre field depicts a map of Europe and North Africa with prominence given to Great Britain and Portugal, drawing attention to the close ties that exist, both historically and in Freemasonry.

The arrows radiating out into the Atlantic allude to the voyages of discovery encouraged by Prince Henry the Navigator. It is appropriate that the west coast town of Sagres is highlighted because this is where Prince Henry established a School of Navigation, the remains of which can still be viewed today. Geographically, the voyages started from more northern ports of Portugal.

The outer part of the Crest is formed by an Armillary Sphere. When the Portuguese National Assembly of the 21st August 1911, sanctioned a Republican form of government, the State Coat-of-Arms adopted by the Republic was essentially the Arms of the Royal House of Bragança, since modified to some extent: the shield remains the same, but this is now placed upon an Armillary Sphere, an old nautical instrument, in reference to Prince Henry the Navigator and the voyages of discovery which contributed to Portugal’s past greatness.

For the technically minded, an Armillary Sphere is simply described thus:

A model displaying the mutual dispositions of the imaginary circles of classical astronomy in which metal circles were used to represent the celestial equator, the ecliptic, the tropics, the Artic, and Antarctic circles, the hours of the day, the horizon and a meridian. Delivery from ancient astronomical instruments, Armillary Spheres became particularly popular in the 17th and 18th centuries.

As Masons, we strive to discover new boundaries of friendship, discover ways to strengthen existing ones, discover within ourselves the charitable nature of man, discover the pleasure of meeting, conversing, debating and socialising without discord.

This will be a guiding principle of the Lodge, and it will be enhanced, so that in coming years, this will truly be known as:    “THE LODGE OF DISCOVERIES”

A Royal Arch Chapter is attached to the lodge.

Charity news.

The Master presenting a cheque for €500.00 to Castelo de Sonhos, an organisation that helps the poor and underprivileged of Silves.

The Charity Steward Bro. Paul Gates presenting €200.00 for the children’s ward in Portimao Hospital.

New pedestals

This story starts with a comment from W.Bro. Gordon Wilson “Our old pedestals are in need of a repair” On closer inspection it was decided that the Lodge should try and obtain a set of newer pedestals; auction sites were monitored and enquiries made. The pedestals for sale were also in need of some TLC.

W.Bro. John Bergstrom-Potter found a fellow Mason who might be able to assist – W.Bro. Les Ross, a craftsman of wood. Plans, sketches and photographs were mulled over and then Les decided he had to come to Portugal and discuss in person the Lodge’s requirements.

He returned to the UK and set about his task, saying he would send updates but gave no indication of the final design.

When he completed his task, Les arranged for the three pedestals to be sent to Portugal. They were delivered to the Tivoli Hotel in Lagos and met by a party of volunteers to help with the unloading. We were looking forward to using them, but then Covid-19 took its grip and the meetings were subsequently abandoned.

Fast forward to August 2021 – our first full meeting since the pandemic started.  The Lodge room was laid out, and there they were in their new home looking splendid.

The Master’s pedestal is dedicated to the memory of W.Bro. Brian Gatnar, the first Master to remain in the Master’s Chair for two years.

W.Bro. Les Ross decided to join the Lodge as a result of his visit, and as gift he presented the Lodge with a set of gavels for the Festive Board.  I am sure his skill will again be called upon in the very near future.

The Master’s Gavel, presented to the Lodge by W.Bro. John Bergstrom-Potter in memory of his friend and Brother –  W.Bro. Brian Gatnar. The design was again left in the hands of W.Bro. Les Ross who came up with the idea of a globe, as we are the Lodge of Discoveries, and as a personal touch for me the striking point is a brass gas fitting (brilliant idea).

W.Bro. J. E. Bergstrom-Potter PAGDC

Congratulations 50 years a Mason.

On Saturday 24th April W.Bro. Derek Wells PPGJW (Surrey) PPGReg (Middx) celebrates 50 years a Mason. A surprise lunch was arranged on Friday 23rd. Members and partners met and a good time was had by all.

At the August 2021 meeting W.Bro. Derek was presented with a Certificate from the Province of Middlesex in recognition of his service to Freemasonry.

4th May 2021

The Lodge celebrates it’s 30th Birthday, consecrated in 1991, to my fellow Founders Tony and Jim didn’t we do well!

Christmas Lunch 2021.

Members and their guests met at the Tivoli Hotel in Lagos for a Christmas get together. The President of the day Steve Johnston greeted everyone and thanked them for supporting the Lodge in this charitable event.

The charity today was the Castelo de Sonhos, formed in 1997 by Dr. Liliana Rodrigues, with a mission to help the poor and underprivileged of Silves. They supply basic necessities like food, clothing, bedding, blankets, and nappies plus basic furniture for poor families. They also give legal, social and psychological support to young mothers and families at risk.

The Lagos-based Lodge of Discoveries No. 9409 has already donated €500.00 to the Silves-based Castelo de Sonhos charity.

A raffle was held and the sum of €250.00 was raised.

Happy 90th to W.Bro. Tony Webster

Our next social event,

A unique raffle prize! A Lodge clock.

Freemasons donate 500 to the Madrugada Associação charity

On 24th March Pierre Caeiro, Master-Elect of the Lagos based English Freemasons of the Lodge of Discoveries No. 9409 along with Graham Crawford (a Warden of the Lodge)  attended the Madrugada dinner held at the Adega de Marina Restaurant in Lagos to present a cheque for €500 to the charity President, John Hough, on behalf of the lodge. The Lodge of Discoveries is part of the group of English freemasonry lodges in Portugal which in turn is part of the United Grand Lodge of England. Freemasonry is one of the largest charitable givers in the UK, contributing £51.1 million to deserving causes in 2020 alone. During the pandemic restrictions Masonic charitable activities had been limited but with the resumption of meetings, the lodge members have once again been able to vote on charitable giving.

“ Madrugada is a fantastic charity that really should be recognised for the sterling charitable work it carries out throughout the Algarve and I was delighted to be able to meet and talk to some of the actual carers and volunteers,” said Pierre Caeiro.

Madrugada offers support throughout illness and beyond, to people in the Algarve who are affected by a life limiting illness. Their specialist clinical team provide homebased end of life care to those who prefer to spend their remaining days in their own home. Since 2009 and up until November 2021, Madrugada has cared for 215 end of life patients and their loved ones. They have also provided thousands of hours of support to people affected by life limiting illness and provided hospital visits, equipment, telephone support, information, health workshops and professional development education.  The charity was established in February 2009 in response to limited choices for end of life care in the Algarve.

For more information on Madrugada Associação see www. http://madrugada-portugal.com

Lodge Meetings

Brethren are reminded to follow the current Covid – 19 rules and regulations as defined by the Portuguese Government and of the Lodge of Discoveries.

Held at the Tivoli Hotel, Rua António Crisógono Santos, 8600-678, Lagos. (GPS 37º 06′ 20.56″N 8º 40′ 34.64″W)

on the following dates:

The third Thursday in January 20th, February 17th, March* 17th, September 15th (Installation)  October 20th and November* 17th.

*(March & November) The Chapter of Discoveries will meet at 3.30pm before the Lodge meeting.

2022 Agenda

Our next meeting will be.

September 15th, Tyling at 4.30pm

To Install  W.Bro. P. Caeiro PPrGReg (Surrey) as Master of the Lodge.

MENU To be announced

Creamy vegetable soup with extra virgin oil


Roasted Pork Loin with Apple Sauce


Cheese and biscuits (Ice cream & fruit salad if requested)


Tivoli selection red/white wine, mineral water, draught beer, soft drinks and juices. Tea or coffee

Brethren are requested to inform the Secretary whether they intend to dine (48hrs notice required), the cost is €30.00

We look forward to greeting ALL qualified members of Freemasonry, if you are not known to us please furnish a letter of introduction from your Secretary/Grand Lodge.

Click on the image below for an expanded view.


John Bergstrom-Potter. PAGDC

Mob: (+351) 910 666 613
Tel : (+351) 282 997 439
Email : sec@9409.eu

Lodge of Instruction Meetings

Will resume in January 2022

Held at the Tivoli Hotel, Rua António Crisógono Santos, 8600-678, Lagos.  Monday night at 5.30pm dates can be obtained from the Secretary.

Grand Inspector

V.W.Bro R. S. Levitt

Tel: 214 671 396



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