Chapter of Discoveries

No. 9409


The Chapter was consecrated on 21st June 1997 by Cmdr. M.B.S. Higham R.N, GScribeE.

History & Relation to the Craft

This is an order in Freemasonry, closely associated with Craft Freemasonry.

The first documented evidence of a ‘Royal Arch’ comes from Ireland in 1743; it seems likely that this was an ‘added extra’ worked within craft lodges in England, Ireland and Scotland for many years. Thus it came to be regarded, by the Antients in England, as a fourth degree in Freemasonry.

The Moderns, on the other hand, do not appear to have officially recognised the degree at all (with a few exceptions), leading in due course, to completely separate Royal Arch Chapters.

These differences were partially resolved at the Union of the Grand Lodges in 1813, by a compromise: the new United Grand Lodge of England declared the Royal Arch to be an official and accepted part of ‘Pure and Antient Freemasonry’.

In December 2003 the United Grand Lodge of England acknowledged and pronounced the status of the Supreme Order of the Royal Arch to be “an extension to, but neither a superior nor a subordinate part of, the degrees which precede it”.

Whilst the Royal Arch is, therefore, an integral part of Freemasonry and interwoven with the Craft, it is organised as a separate Order, distinct from the Craft degrees, the teachings of which it completes.


The First Grand Principal has appointed E Comp. P.J.F. Caeiro, PGStB to the office of Grand Inspector of the Portugal Group of Chapters with effect from a date in the autumn of 2023 to be agreed.

Companion Anders Ahlin 28th February 2023.

Companion Graham Crawford 10th December 2023.

Chapter Meetings, 2024.

Companions are reminded to follow the current Covid – 19 rules and regulations as defined by the Portuguese Government and of the Lodge of Discoveries.

The Chapter uses the Domatic ritual.

All meetings are held at the Tivoli Hotel, Rua António Crisógono Santos, 8600-678, Lagos.
Tuesday6th February (Installation), Thursday  20th  March*, Thursday 21st  November*.

* The March and November Convocations will meet at 3.00pm (before the Lodge of Discoveries meeting).

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Next Convocation 21st November 2024

An Exaltation.


Cream of Asparagus Soup flavoured with Coriander


Chicken Breast stuffed with Portuguese smoked Sausage over

Fondant Potatoes and Thyme Sauce


Cheese and biscuits


Tivoli selection red/white wine, mineral water, draught beer, soft drinks and juices. Tea or coffee

(subject to change)

Companions are requested to inform the Scribe E whether they intend to dine (48hrs notice required), the cost is €40.00

Supreme Grand Chapter of England. We look forward to greeting ALL qualified members of Royal Arch Masonry, if you are not known to us please furnish a letter of introduction from your Scribe E/Supreme Grand Chapter

Members not of SGC  but of Foreign Grand (District) Chapters. Protocol dictates that our External Relational Department will contact your Grand (District) Chapter and verify your credentials and your eligibility to visit. You should carry a letter of introduction and proof of your Masonic status (Clearance Certificate/Letter of Good Standing) and a copy of your Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate.

Scribe E

J. E. Bergstrom-Potter. PPrGStdB (Essex). SOGCR

Mob: (+351) 910 666 613
Tel: (+ 351) 282 997 439
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